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Mia Bows Best Team


Sabrina Medrano


Sabrina is a wife and Stay-at-home mom to two babies, Ezra (3) and Mia (1.5). Sabrina has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for crafting and creating. Once Mia came into her life she knew she wanted to start a small shop to be able to make cute quality bows and other beautiful things and started Mia Bows Best as a platform.


Emily Arredondo


Emily is helping me make all things yarn: pom poms, crocheted items and beanies. She began crocheting in 2020. She has been working on creating a stock of crocheted plushies and soon her items will be sold in the shop


Alison Arredondo


Alison is a seamstress and has been sewing over two years. She helps with both hand sewing and machine sewing.

Meet The Team: Meet The Team
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